Full name: Axelle Elise Aubain
Nicknames: Axellette
Birthday: July 15
Age: 16
Grade: 1er (equivalent to the American 11th grade)
Hometown: Lille, France, but I spend every other week in Roubaix with my mom
Nationality: French Algerian 
Languages spoken: French (first language), English, some Arabic, learning German
Religious Affilation: struggling between Islam and Roman Catholic
Parents: Souad (mother): she works at a charcuterie
Maurice (father): he's a diplomat
Sibling(s): I have a little brother named Benjamin; he’s 12. I also have a stepsister named Armelle.
Best friend(s): Armelle Papaïs, Coralie Seigneurin, Marcelle Duperron 
Best enemy(ies): Sandrine Bouchard
...color(s): coral and berry Une semaine sur deux, L’arnacoeur, Very Bad Trip (the French title for The Hangover)
...TV show(s): Any American reality show, anything news-related "C’est chelou” by Zaho, “Danse” by Tal (ft. Flo Rida), “Applause” by Lady Gaga
...singer(s): Zaho, Tal, Lady Gaga, Ke$ha Anything by Albert Camus
...quote(s): “You know what charm is: a way of getting the answer yes without having asked any clear question.” –Albert Camus khabz (flatbread) and merguez (lamb sausage) United States
Idol: My mom who has stayed strong despite facing discrimination
Hobbies/interests: writing, ballet, journalism, eavesdropping, learning Arabic/learning more about my Algerian background, videography
Words that best describe me: sneaky, imaginative, creative, nosy 
Additional information:
Salut! Je suis Axelle Elise Aubain ! I’m from Lille, France, but ever since my parents’ divorce five years ago, I’ve been living in Roubaix every other week and half of school breaks. I was born and raised in France, but my parents are from Algiers, Algeria. She moved to Lille so she could go to college, and that’s how she met my dad, who moved to France when he was a kid (his dad was half French). The rest is history. My mom is Muslim, and she faces a lot of discrimination in France, especially since she chooses to wear the hijab to make a statement. I’m torn on my own religious beliefs. I feel like my mom is pushing me towards Islam while my dad wants me to be a non-practicing Roman Catholic. It’s a mess.
I’m a dancer. I’ve been taking ballet since I was young, and although I’m good at it, I’m just not as dedicated as some of the other dancers. In fact, I’m actually pretty lazy. I don’t put as much work into ballet as I should. It’s the same way with school. I do just enough to get decent grades, but I don’t kill myself at it.

My dream is to be a journalist. I’ve always been fascinated by the news and current events. I’ve also considered becoming a private investigator because I have this uncanny way of discovering things that people have kept secret. I would someday love to create a documentary about Islam so that the prejudices can be put to rest. 

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Madison Lorfing said...

Wow! Axelle is beautiful - is she a Cécile doll? Would you mind posting tips on how you keep her hair so flawless?