Full name: Julien Alain Hervagault
Nicknames: (none)
Type of doll: Custom boy/formerly a Samantha
Birthday: May 15
Age: 18
School: Université de Lille 3
Hometown: Lille, France
Nationality: French
Languages spoken: French (first language), English, Spanish
Religious Affiliation: Agnostic
Parents: My parents, Christophe Hervagault and Angélique Marceau (formerly Hervagault) were divorced when I was only 6 years old. My father is probably one of the lowest human beings I have ever met. He cheated us out of money, and he had an affair. Maman has worked her hardest to provide us with the best, and unlike my father, she has always been there for Delphine and me.
Sibling(s): 16-year-old sister Delphine
Best friend(s): Sabine Bouchard, Aurélie Faubert, Gérard Lemercier
Best enemy(ies): Sandrine Bouchard, mon père (Christophe), my stepmother, my stepsister Léa
Idol: Mon meilleure amie, Sabine Bouchard, and some players from Lille’s  football (soccer) team
Hobbies/interests: football (soccer), watching movies, hanging out with friends, learning/studying the Spanish language and culture, reading Catalan for fun, traveling, helping out around the house
Words that best describe me: Dependable, honest, kind, caring, compassionate
Additional information:
Bonjour! Je m’appelle Julien.  I feel that growing up, I have had far more responsibility than most people my age. My parents divorced at a young age, and as my mom took on more responsibilities at work to help our income, I was stuck babysitting my sister Delphine. I took/take Delphine mostly everywhere with me, especially over school breaks. Although my friends are accepting of that, I still enjoy spending time with them without Delphine by my side. Sometimes I wish I didn’t have to watch her, but I don’t complain.
I do not want to be like my father at all, so I try to treat all girls I meet with some respect. I will say this again: my father is the lowest, most despicable person I have ever met. He remarried, and his wife is just as disgusting. I do not want a relationship with either of them, and I do not understand why Delphine does. I can’t grow to accept that. I hated seeing Maman depressed.
The brightest spot in my life has always been one of my closest friends, Sabine. I adore everything about her, particularly her personality. I will admit to having a crush on her; I can’t keep that in. She’s definitely my idea of perfect.
As for things I enjoy? I love playing football (soccer), and even though we do not have school teams, I play on a team sponsored by a local youth center. I also love Spain and its languages…particularly Castilian (a term for the Spanish spoken in Spain) and Catalan (which I can’t read, but I can speak). I’m still trying to pick up the other two languages. I’d love to travel around Spain someday. I also like watching movies and hanging out with my friends.
When I grow up, I want to be a maternelle teacher and the world’s greatest dad, since clearly, I didn’t have a good father and I want my future kids to have a wonderful one.