Full name: Sabine Aurore Bouchard
Nicknames: I don't have any because I despise nicknames. Chrissa calls me Sabs, and it gets on my nerves.
Type of doll: Retired/revised MyAG #5 
Birthday: December 19
Age: 18
Grade: Université de Lille 3 Charles de Gaulle
Hometown: Lille, France
Nationality: French 
Languages spoken: French (first language), English, Spanish, a little German 
Religious Affiliation: Agnostic
Parents: Fabienne (mother): she's an interior designer. She's not the kind who would be featured on TV, though.
Henri (father): he's a lawyer who specializes in divorce cases
Sibling(s): twin sister, Sandrine, and 18-year-old brother Sébastien
Best friend(s): Julien Hervagault, Aurélie Faubert, Gérard Lemercier, Delphine Hervagault (best French friends), and Lilly Poulton and Melanie Holland (best American friends)
Best enemy(ies): Chrissa Maxwell, Taylor Stewart
Idol: Miley Cyrus
Hobbies/interests: singing, listening to music, psychology, sociology, hanging out with friends, shopping, traveling, learning about new cultures, photography, playing with my dog, Cocoa Chanel
Words that best describe me: unique, independent, dreamer, creative, cultured
Additional information:
Salut, tout le monde! Je m'appelle Sabine Bouchard, et je suis une fille lilloise de 16 ans! I am a very positive person who wants to travel the world and learn as much about foreign cultures as I can. Traveling is my number one passion, and there are so many places I still have yet to visit. I also love photography and enjoy documenting my travels through photos. I want to learn and speak as many languages as I possibly can!
Someday, I would love to be a world-renowned pop singer like Miley Cyrus. She is my idol, and I think she is a wonderful person to look up to. If being famous doesn't work out for me, I think I could fall back on a real job. I love the social sciences since I've been through so many psychological things in life. I learned from those things, and I want to use what I know to help people struggling with personality disorders so that the disorder does not affect the client's loved ones. I also think being a sociologist would be cool since I love society, people, and cultures.
I like to try new things, even though I may not always be the best. I don't worry about that, however, because that would be a waste of time. I enjoy learning playing the flute, even though I may struggle along the way.
I love my friends, and without them, I wouldn't have been able to quickly overcome some of the things that happened to me. We love to take walks around the city or sit by the fountain at the Palais des Beux-Arts. Sometimes we will sit there in silence and listen to music, which is relaxing. Aurélie and I love to shop, and we particularly adore window shopping at all the upscale boutiques in Vieux-Lille.
I am not that close to my mom and sister because they are extremely difficult people to live with. My mom has standards, and everything must adhere to those standards or else. She is also strict and has a reason for everything. Sandrine has psychological problems that make our relationship rocky. I do, however, get along perfectly with my dad and older brother, Sébastien. I do many things with them, especially watch movies. That helps relieve my dad from the stress he faces at work and the stresses my brother faces at school.
I am also Miley Cyrus's number one fan, in case you haven't noticed. I support her through thick and thin. She is just such an inspiration. I will forever be a fan of hers, and I am not afraid to admit it.
Another fun fact is that I am kind-of boy crazy. ;)

 Username: real name wasn't a choice, so I went with something similar.

My room on IU! I don't really like any of the room designs, but blue is my favorite color, so I went with that one.

Want to know more about me? Want to talk? E-mail me at!

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