Thursday, October 9, 2008

What did I do today?

Ma mère encore...
She made me run ERRANDS. Like the boring kind. She made me go down to the fromagerie and buy 2 kilograms of maroilles. (Yeah, like we are going to eat 2 kg of that garbage.)
Don't get me wrong. J'aime le fromage. Mais maroilles? Let's just say this...quand j'avais six ans...IT MADE ME THROW UP! Mère likes to snack on it.
I guess I should be used to its taste now, but I'm not.
Oh. And I got in trouble.
Mère had to sign my carnet again. 3rd time this week. She doesn't understand this, but I'm technically not a bad girl. Je très difficile...quelquefois...
It's not like I did anything bad. It was nothing compared to the things Sandrine says to her ballet instructors.
I also would like to let everyone know that monsieur directeur is a TRÈS GENTIL guy once you get to know him. :)
We also learned about the guillotine today. All of the boys got in trouble for making jokes related to it.


merryville dolls said...

c'est horrible!
we do not like bleu cheese

Anonymous said...

Bonjour Sabine! Je m'appelle Addie. Je suis francais aussi mais je n peu pas bien ecrire. :-(

J'aime ton blog!!