Saturday, September 19, 2009

New some other stuff.

I had Nellie change my layout. Vous aimez? (You like?) I think it's pretty...yet totally confusing! Anyway, I got a Twitter, so if you have one, follow me! :) Click!
If you don't have a Twitter, get one. Also...I need to change the main language to French..but it won't let me. :( Ah. Stupid Twitter.
OK SO GUESS WHAT? I OFFICIALLY CAN'T STAND SPANISH CLASS! We have two new recruits- Sandrine and Ivy. Ew. Of course, you know that Sandrine has a snobby disposition, but Ivy is just so unfriendly and absolutely negative and ridiculous. It annoys me. THE GLASS IS NOT HALF EMPTY.
I don't like Spanish AT ALL! I miss my German class. :( German is cool.
Also, the Spanish class is divided into two sides...the good side, and the bad side. Kailey and Kaya sit on the good side because there wasn't enough room for them on the bad side. Obviously, they sit in the front for a reason. ;)

Oh, did I tell you that I, Sabine Bouchard, sit on the bad side? Tres chouette. Je sais...


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Sophie Amélie said...

C'est jolie, mais...I don't like it as much as your other layout. I think you need more space to write! The actual blog part is tiny compared to the rest. Just sayin'.

Anyway, bonne chance dans la class d'espagnol. ;)