Friday, March 26, 2010

L'EPS Avec Chrissa- Un

Tout le monde, je déteste l’EPS! C’est très barbant. Vous ne comprennez pas! En France, l’EPS était mieux. Ici, les Américaines aiment beaucoup les abdominaux! Moi, je ne peux pas faire les abdominaux! Ils sont trop difficiles! Je veux pleurer!
Everyone, I hate gym class! It’s sooooooo boring. You do not understand! In France, PE was better! The Americans LOVE push-ups a lot! Me, well…I can’t do push-ups! They are too hard! I want to cry!
I’m really weak, just in case you were wondering. I have no upper body strength and according to Chrissa, I look like a Twizzler (because I'm skinny and I have red hair...)! Yeah, so we have push-up tests soon…if I fail, I get a B in gym class! Mon dieu, that can’t happen! I’ve only gotten straight A’s in America and I got all 18s in France…once, I even got a 19! I am a perfect student who is just super athletically challenged. I love fitness and I think it is super important-don’t get me wrong-but I work out by walking or riding my bike. So therefore, I do not need gym class.
OK SO GET THIS- all of the obnoxious people are in there. I’m talking Ava, Liz, Hayley, Kailey, Kirsten, Alyson, Alyssa, and CHRISSA. Chrissa, I swear, is dysfunctional. She is so exasperating…for example, she came into class dancing while she was singing “TiK ToK” by that Ke$ha person. (Really, I will never understand American music…except for Miley Cyrus!)
Chrissa then wanted to tell me a “secret”. This “secret” was merely nothing more than a “I am a dancer, so I can do perfect push-ups!” I don’t really care because push-ups don’t prove anything and I’m not sure if this is true in the US, but push-ups don’t get you to college…le bac does.
Ugh…another very eventful day in the life of Sabine Bouchard…I really would like for “Chri$$a” to calm down



Mia S. said...

Awww, who cares about push ups anyways? Gosh, I don't think I can do one either! That depends on if it's a "girl" push up or a "boy" push up. LOL!
I have a Chrissa here also, but she is definitely not as obnoxious as yours...sorry. :(
There's always gotta be some drama in middle school, I guess and "Chri$$a" is doing a great job. Maybe she just wants to be your friend....

Whitney said...

My Chrissa says: "I am almost twelve years old and i could never do pushups. me and my best friends McKinley and Nollie hate them. I prefer doing cartwheels in Hillrise. Oh, and I won't call you Sabs. That does sound bizarre actually. My lab partner calls me Crazy Chrissa, so I'm with ya...I only okay a nickname if McKinley or Nollie gives it to me."