Friday, April 9, 2010

Joyeuses Pâques!

Salut, tout le monde! Ma semaine était chouette. J'ai visité ma famille et mes amis français pour les vacances de printemps. Je m'amusais. J'allais dire "joyeuses pâques", mais mon internent agissait étrange.
Hello, everyone! My week was great! I visited my family and French friends for spring vacation. I had a fanatastic time; it was great to see everyone I missed. I wanted to say "Happy Easter" to everyone, but my internet was acting funny.
Anyway, today, we heard word of the Edwards heiresses' famed week-after Easter party. Invitations will be sent out tomorrow; maybe I actually have a chance of getting one this year!
Lilly has been wanting to improve her French, so I decided that I'd help her out. I suggested that we listen to some French pop music, you know, to help her get the flow of the language. I chose my favorite song, "Fifty Sixty" by Alizée. We got a little into the music and created our own dance routine.
Just as we finished, Sandrine walked in. She really wants to be a mainstream American thirteen-year-old, so she was a little offended by how I was listening to French pop. Anyway, since she is on Alyson's dance team, she was into decorating for the party. Lilly suggested that we helped, which was the best idea. D'accord, J'avais tort...borrowing decorations from the heiresses' rooms was the best idea. You see, Sandrine was making decorations, so we didn't want to copy her. That's when Lilly came up with the brilliant plan to take stuff from the rooms.
I took some beads, while she decided on taking a chair and two real ostrich feather boas, or at least the Edwardses say they are real ostrich feather boas. To me, they look like Dollar Store material. I decided that we should celebrate by singing some "Fifty Sixty".
"Rêve de gloire et de fortune,
Chic en Chanel, amour et toujours glamour,
Aux expos tu poses et t'exposes,
À 400ASA tu oses toutes les poses..."
We sang as we posed with the boas.
We became so engrossed in song and dance that we had no idea Ashley came up until she screamed her lungs out at us.
She screamed some more and that really freaked us out, so we shrieked as she chased us out of our room. She said a few things I couldn't quite understand; that was probably because I do not understand it when Americans yell and speaking really fast at the same time. Very puzzling...if English is your second language, you should know what I mean. Anyway, I'm actually kind of scared she's going to have someone (*cough cough* Kailey and Kaya) beat me up...
So...that was my day! I'll let you know if I get invited or not. For now, a tout a l'heure!


Cali Hazelwood said...

That was a good idea of Lilly's! I really like the boas you found, even if they aren't really made of ostrich feathers. :)
I hope you're invited to the Edwards' party!


Avery V. said...

I like that song :)
I'm glad you and Lilly had fun decoration, even if Ashley wasn't too happy. Good luck, I hope you get invited.

Rebecca and Mia said...

The boas are awesome! Just wondering, is the dress the bitty twins dress???? I mean, I really like it but I didn't have bitty twins so I didn't think I'd get it, does it fit regular AG dolls??