Saturday, April 10, 2010

A special preview...

For those who avidly check the official OLN Girls website for updates, you may know that it has been under construction for quite some time. The site should be finished and ready to go around mid-June.Well, readers, I am sharing a special sneak peek at what the new layout will be like. CLICK HERE to check it out a sample page. Also, please post a comment on my blog and let us know what you think. Nellie, the techie, needs feedback. I think it looks really awesome, though!

On a negative note, I wasn't invited to the party. :( I'm not too sad, as I figured I wouldn't be invited. BUT GET THIS. Lilly was invited! YES! LILLY! Lilly who Alyson despises...THAT Lilly! Of course, being the great friend that she is, she decided that she wasn't going to go. Instead, I am going to introduce her to the magical world of French films; we are going to watch La Môme, which stars Marion of my favorite actresses!



Nellie said...

I love the new layout! It is so cool!

Sophie Amélie said...

Oh it looks wonderful!
You might tell Nellie to check the spelling of some of the names, though....Felicity is not spelled Felcity, is it? And Kaya's last name is Atonmy, isn't it? Just a heads up. ;)


Sonali said...

I love it, btw u r awesome, i luv the french, xoxo Sonali

Charlotte said...

J'adore la nouvelle site!
Je ne peux pas attendre jus'qua sa soit prêt!
Je suis MonChatDansLaLune sur YouTube, et J'adore le video de ta fête. Pauvre toi!
I also speek english, but who really needs english quand tu pourrait parler dans un langue que les autres ne comprenerait pas?


Je "Follow" ton blog, c'est super cute!

Charlotte :)

Charlotte said...

J'ai un question à propos de le ONL girls site-web.
Quand est-ce que ça va être pret?
J'ai adoré le site-web beaucoup et je ne peux pas attendre pour voir la nouvelle!

Charlotte :)