Thursday, May 20, 2010

Le favoritisme.

Le favoritisme- je déteste ce mot! Personne ne comprend que c'est injuste!
Favoritism- I hate that word! Nobody understands that it's unfair!
To say the least, I am a victim of a game of favoritism...

 The favorite is Jess McConnell. All of the teachers love do all the other girls. She is sweet to them, which I believe is a guise, but she treats me like complete and absolute crap. She is very, very smart and very open-minded. She loves traveling and school. Sounds like someone?! (Jess and I aren't being challenged at school, which is the price we pay for lousy American education.) Anyway, those were her positive traits; she is also a suck-up, bragger, and huge know-it-all. Considering the fact that I was educated in France until late December 2008, I probably am smarter and do know more than her, but I would never ever EVER brag. Bragging is annoying, plus, nobody wants to hear it.
I will give her credit; she probably has visited more countries than me.

The drama started today, when Jess was elected (actually, chosen, as in the teacher chose people) as FRENCH CLUB PRESIDENT of the newly formed French Club. (MON DIEU! JE SAIS!) I'M NOT EVEN VICE PRESIDENT OR ANYTHING! You would think that le prof would want an ACTUAL FRENCH PERSON *waves* as French Club president, but I guess it doesn't work that way in America. For starters, Jess can't speak French with much competency. She gets the "r" sound all wrong and she says etra instead of  être! Oh, how frustrating and offensive. She hates when I get all flustered with the "th" or "h" sound so she corrects me, but apparently, I'm not allowed to correct her French! Since she is like Miss World Traveler or something, she should appreciate my help instead of loathe it!
Anyway, I couldn't hold back my tears so I ran down the stairs...
...and Jess chased after me! She started screaming all this nonsense in very rapid English that I could not pick up. I did, however, understand this: "You're just jealous!"
I immediately turned around.
Jealous. No, ma chérie. I dislike being called jealous when I am anything but jealous. I'm tired. Tired of being ignored and treated like this! I'm just as good as Jess!
She then came down and confronted me. "Sabine, I'm sorry you didn't get your way, but life is not like Burger King." Wow. Making an allusion to an American fast-food favorite. I must admit, that was a good line. High five, Jess! 
I immediately walked away and turned to Lilly so I could vent. What are best friends for, right? However, Lilly made it seem like I was the bad girl here; she was sticking up for Jess. She told me that by talking to her about Jess, I was being a backstabber. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think to be a "backstabber" you have to be friends with the person first...and I'm definitely not friends with Jess.

"Why don't you try again next year? It's ridiculous to waste your time worrying and obsessing over Jess! Come on, Sabine. You've done so many things that she hasn't. For example, you got a scholarship to come here. Yeah, Jess probably did, too, but you're not from America. Think of it like this: a school in Japan never requested Jess to go there."
Oui, Lilly IS friends with Jess, but still...she's my best friend and she should be comforting me. I'm not obsessing over Jess and I'm most certainly not jealous of her; I'm upset. Have you ever been in this situation? Have you ever felt like you weren't good enough? Has anyone shown favoritism against you before?
I'll keep everyone updated on the situation...

P.S. Check out the pages I added to my blog. They're fun and definitely more happy than this post.


Charlotte said...

Je suis désolé que Jess est si méchante, Sabine!
Je suis content que tu as un ami comme Lilly :)
J'adore ton blog!!!!

Charlotte :)

Juliette, Lucie et Claudette said...

I think that you're far more beautiful than Jess, Sabine!!

P.S. (I laughed a lot with Jess' comparison of life with Burger King).


karma said...

It stinks when no one else seems to "see" her the way you do. Ugh! But, you know you're loved and are just as good as she is, even better, since you don't have to make her feel bad to make yourself feel good.
hugs to you,

Charlotte said...

Bonjour encore Sabine :)
Je t'ai "nominé" pour quelque chose... (?)
C'est sur mon Blog :)


all4dolls said...

Jeez, it's hard when a friend sticks up for someone else and you want their support. That just happened to me! Hang in there!