Friday, October 7, 2011

C'est octobre...

...and I haven't posted. Ugh, life has just been unbearably busy. You have no idea what the French educational system is like until you've been in it. Basically, all of the teachers assume their students have no lives, so they drown the students in homework every night. Oh, and we have half a day of school on Saturday, so I can forget about having a complete weekend...
So, here is #2 of my "You Know You're from the Nord When" series:
Café au lait- or coffee with milk- seems to be a huge French stereotype of some sort. I cannot begin to tell you how many people assume that I drink it because I'm French. I do drink coffee, true, but not with milk (because that stuff is awful). I like to drink it with chicory, which is extremely popular in the Nord. We Northerners add chichory to a lot of different things- even waffles. Wild leaves are usually bitter, but in foods and things, chicory is delicious!
Another thing we do in the Nord is dunk maroilles (a type of cheese- it's very strong) in our coffee. I like that, too. This cheese is extremely popular in the Nord, and I have yet to see it in another region of France.

Also, I styled my hair for once in my life! I normally like to wear it down because it always looks best that way, but I'm enjoying this style. My mom helped me with it, which was a shocker. She never really helps me with anything.
I still need to relax some, and then I'll share details about the note mentioned in one of my prior's shocking. Croyez-moi.



Miranda said...

Your hair looks beautiful, Sabine! :) And, I'm sorry that ou have TONS of homework, and half a day of school on Saturday. :(


Montana Girls said...

Cute hairdo, Sabine! I always wear my hair down also, though it gets very tangled when I ride. But I'm not very fussy about that.