Thursday, March 21, 2013

Plein de posters!

Coucou, tout le monde! C'est Sabine, et ce soir, j'ai surpris Aurélie!

J'ai eu un examen de vocabulaire espagnol, et je ne voulais pas étudier! Les mots étaient trop simples!
Studying for Spanish is never the hardest task, and I was particularly bored with studying the vocabulary because I already knew many of the words.

I told my mom that Aurélie needed my help with German, and I asked if I could visit her. I kind-of lied, but my mom didn't know that. She reluctantly (as usual) said that I could go. Aurélie is currently having her room redecorated, so many of her belongings are in storage boxes. I hated seeing her walls so bare! Plus, she is currently having a difficult time with her science class. She just doesn't get it, and it's upsetting her, though she studies every free second that she has. To cheer her up, I made posters, and I was going to put them on her now almost-empty walls. I told her to leave the room because I had a surprise I needed to prepare, so she did. I made posters to represent her favorite things:

I then told her that she could come in her room. I stood by the posters and said, "Voici la surprise!

She was extremely happy. She gasped with astonishment.

"Sabine, ceux sont beaux, mais je pensait que tu as dit que tu ne peux pas dessiner?" Aurélie laughed.
Oui, I said that I couldn't draw. I mean, don't we all say that? I'm definitely not an artist, but d'accord, I can definitely make small doodles.

"J'adore," she murmured, pointing at her favorite drawing of a pointe shoe.

I then asked her if she could quiz me on my Spanish words, and she said that she would. Aurélie thought that it would be good practice for her, too, since Carlota is around.

We agreed that experimentar would be a confusing verb for native English speakers. It translates to "to experience" in English, but we could see how Anglophones might think it means "to experiment"! It is a faux ami (or in Spanish, falso amigo). In other words, it is a false cognate!

Have you ever randomly surprised a friend? What did you do?



Marta said...

ello from Spain: I like the room and the study method for learning a language. Friends always surprise us positively. Keep in touch

Lily said...

Salut! Mon nom est Lily! I just found your blog and I love it! I have a friend who lives in Paris and her name is Aurélia! How coincidental! I love to surprise my friends at school when it's their birthdays, by decorating their lockers. :)