Sunday, February 28, 2010

La surprise?

Oui, my previous post, I mentioned I had a surprise, non?
Well...this surprise came a week ago...Caitlin was just too busy to take pictures until today.
La surprise? NOUVEAUX VÊTEMENTS DE LIBERTY JANE! (New clothes from Liberty Jane!)
When I saw these itemes, I HAD to have them. They look like the things I'd wear. If you haven't ordered from LJ let, please make an effort to do so soon.The price may be higher...but it's worth it. Remember, these are hand-made outfits and you ARE paying for amazing quality. I can't say enough positive things! Oh, and to enable help you out, CLICK HERE to visit their website. Merci, Cinnamon, Libby, and the rest of the crew at LJC!
Now for some pictures: (Feel free to admit that Sandrine's hairdo resembles and ice cream cone.)
Oh...and if couldn't tell by looking at the pictures...Sandrine desperately wants to model for Liberty Jane. ("Well...I can take beautiful ad pictures! Tu es jalouse, Sabine, que tu n'es pas jolie comme moi!")
Yeah...we'll see, Sandrine...
If you didn't read my previous post, your questions have been answered. CLICK HERE to ask me more! (Remember to keep all questions G-rated!)


Haley said...

Mais oui! Je suis jalouse! I want that ribbed top, that is so totally something I'd wear, and I like that skirt, too!
Can I come to your house? LOL :p

Haley (:

Sophie Amélie said...

Tes nouveaux vêtements sont très, très, TRÈS superbes! Mais oui, je suis très jalouse. J'adore la jupe de Sandrine; c'est élègante! :-)


The Valdez Quints said...

Your outfits both look nice! We want to get something from Liberty Jane someday. Thanks for the link, Jillian checked it out and saw a few new things that she liked for us!

Traveling Ninette said...

I really like both those outfits, especially Sandrine's. I love that skirt! :D


♥Ruth-Ann♥ said...

C'est chouette! J'aime la jupe. Liberty Jane est fantastique, non?
P.S. mon amie Sonali a des vêtements comme les vêtements que vous portez. :D

Susie said...

Cute clothes; you two look awesome!

AG Crazy said...

Just wanted to let you know that you won Inky's contest!!!!!!!!!