Sunday, February 28, 2010

Demandez Sabine! Q&A set #1

 You asked, I answered! Chouette! Keep the questions coming: CLICK HERE to ask me one. (You can ask me another question, even if you already asked one before.) I really enjoy doing this. :)
Oh...and there is a surprise in my next post...

Q: Where’s Lille? -Nellie from New York
A: North of France…near Belgium.

Q: Why did you move to America, you Frenchy? -Ava from North Carolina
A: First of all, I’m going to correct that statement by saying that I didn’t necessarily “move” here. I’m just here for school; that’s all. It’s a long story as to why I made a decision to come here, but to try and make that rather long story seem short, bullies are mean. Anyway, why do you care, Ava?!?!?

Q: Why doesn’t your twin look like you? ONLY THE BEST TWINS ARE IDENTICAL! -Nicki and Vicki Fleming from Colorado
A: Sandrine and I are FRATERNAL twins, which means that we don’t look alike. We have the same hair and skin color, but somehow, she got blessed with green eyes.

Q: Sabine, if you could travel to any 3 places in the world that you have never been to before at no cost and no hassle, where would you choose to go??? -Cali from Florida
A: Hmm…this is going to be a tough question…there are so many places I’d like to visit! I’m going to have to say Los Angeles because I love movies and music…and celebs! Another city would have to be Washington, D.C.; I’ve been to Paris, now I need to check out the capital of the US. Thirdly, I’d have to say Madrid, Spain; there’s just so much history there! Can I pick a fourth? ;)

Q: Sabine, do you like living with so many other girls with different personalities? -Michaela from Pennsylvania
A: Haha, well, sometimes. Most of the time, it can get extremely out of hand…especially if Ava is in that mix. I think it’s neat, though, to realize that everyone is different and has her own way of expressing her individuality.

Q: Hi Sabine! What is your favorite activity on a rainy day? Ashley from New York
A: I enjoy reading books and writing letters or emails to my family in France. I also like to watch movies and just hang out with my friends.

Q: Two questions: What is your hometown like? What advice do you have for someone learning a foreign language? -The Valdez Quints from Minnesota
A: My hometown, Lille, is a bustling city in the north of France. The weather is far from idea; it’s usually pretty cloudy and rainy. I just adore it when the sun comes out! There are many different sections of Lille, but my favorite part is Vieux Lille- Old Lille. The cobblestone streets are amazing. If you ever plan on visiting, be sure to check out the Palais des Beaux-Arts; it’s breathtaking! On to your second question…when it comes to learning a foreign language, DON’T GIVE UP! Keep on trying! Practice makes perfect; when I was learning English and German, I looked in a mirror while speaking. Before you do that, I suggest getting books and Cds that help you learn the basics of the language. Watching movies, YouTube videos, and listening to songs in that language helps you get the basic flow and pronunciations. Hope that helps!

Q: What is your favorite sport? Cate in Vancouver!!! (from Maine)
A: Hmm…I’m going to have to say FOOTBALL (soccer) is…hands-down! Allez, France!

Q: There’s this one girl in my class, Kylee Phillips, she has made fun of me since I got here last year. She’s cute and blonde and part of the 'cool crowd' at my school. Well the other day me and my BFF Lindsey Bergman were at our locker and she came up to me and said she was going to ruin my life. Should I report them to the principal or will it make me look like a tattletale? -Kit from Louisiana
A: Being the big wimp that I am, I would hide under my bed and sleep with one eye open…totally kidding! I would definitely make a trip to the office and inform the principal of what is going on. I have a similar story…one that I don’t feel like discussing…and the right thing to do was get the school involved. It can be hard, but muster up all your courage…you can do it! Good luck!

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