The concept of "test driving"

Bonjour, c'est Julien.
When I talk about "test driving", I'm not talking about driving cars around before you decide which car to actually buy. I'm talking about dating many different people in order to determine your "type". I wouldn't call it serious dating. It's more like using it as an opportunity to get to know others.

This concept, however, is new to me. Sabine's friend Lilly brought it to my attention a few weeks before I returned home.

We were going to go out to lunch, but Sabine was sidetracked by a Miley Cyrus concert tour book, so I decided to talk to Lilly.

I've never really spoken with Lilly before because to be honest, she has always intimidated me. She is very social and outgoing, and I sometimes have a hard time reacting to that. While Sabine was reading, Lilly rested a hand on my shoulder and said, "So, I see you really admire Sabine."
I blushed. "Is it that obvious?"
Lilly laughed. "Dude, let's be real. It's obvious. You aren't hiding anything. I mean, nothing is a secret!"
I wanted a serious opinion, and I was also wondering if Sabine told Lilly anything about me. Even though I normally don't ask these types of questions, I had to ask, "Do you think I should ask Sabine out?"

Lilly grew very animated. "NO! I mean, I'm pretty sure she likes you but is in denial. She'd probably say 'yes' if you did. Hey, I'd say 'yes' if you asked me, but I just really want a boyfriend at this point in time. Here's the thing, Julien. You can't just date somebody who's your best friend. It could destroy the friendship if something happens, and you don't want that. Plus, you'll have plenty of time to date her when you're older. For now, you have to 'test drive'."
I looked shocked. "'Test drive'? What do you mean?"
Lilly nodded. "Hmm. It's simple. You date some other girls and see if they're your type. Play the field, get to know know. If you don't like any of them, just date Sabine. It's just good to have experience with relationships."

Lilly then poked Sabine. "Did you hear any of that?"
"Hear what?" Sabine jumped, shocked that Lilly tapped her.
"That's fine," Lilly said quickly. I was actually thankful that Sabine was so absorbed by the concert book. I was afraid of how she'd react.

"Come on, Julien. Let's grab a bite to eat. I'm starving!" Lilly said. I nodded in agreement. I really was beginning to feel hungry.
"Wait for me! Don't leave me behind!" Sabine shouted, running behind us.

As we walked, I thought about what Lilly had said. Maybe I should give other girls a try? It's worth a shot, considering I don't really want to wreck my friendship with Sabine at this point...especially now that my dad is entering my life again...


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Sara said...

I wouldn't date any other girls, Julien. If Sabine does like you, and you date someone else, she will doubt that you like her and move on to other guys. There's nothing wrong with being single! I wouldn't ask Sabine out, either. Just become better friends with her and let this work itself out. There's no use in ruining a good friendship!