Sunday, April 28, 2013

The basket that we made...?

Coucou, tout le monde! C'est Aurélie et Sabine! Aujourd'hui, nous voulons vous montrer le panier que nous avons fait pour une fille qui s'appelle Molly. 

Here we are with the basket and things we need to put it together. Here is the list of things we included:
-the basket
-a lollipop
-the Maurader's Map
-a necklace with a Pokeball charm
-an origami turtle
-a t-shirt with the Mockingjay pin
-two pins (Harry Potter and Hunger Games-related)
-pretty tissue paper in spring-appropriate colors
-green ribbon
-a card with our names

I decided to put some tissue paper in the bottom of the basket to make it more colorful:

Here we are with the completed basket!

Here's a close-up of what we included:

I wrapped it up in tissue paper and tied it off with the ribbon:

Here we are with the basket in its completed-and-ready-to-be-mailed stage! 

We received word that Molly did, in fact, get the basket we sent her, and she was very happy with it! De rien, Molly! We had fun shopping for things and just putting the basket together. We definitely want to participate in the swap again next year. 

Aurélie et Sabine

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