Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ces Américaines Folles...

You are probably wondering, "What did they do this time?"

Kailey and Hayley started this "fun" (I'm being sarcastic, bien sur!) program called F.I.T., which stands for Fitness is Terrific! It's a strenuous program with three stations- the push-up station, the treadmill station, and the dance-along station.
I ended up in the treadmill station. AMUSANT.
I couldn't keep my balance, so I fell and knocked Lilly over.
Nicki and Vicki HAAAAAAAAAAAD to hop on and PROVE how "fit" and what "great exercisers" they are. *groans* How annoying!

That's the latest. Pics will be up soon...just remind me.



Sophie said...

We French are supposed to like our fitness, though. :) C'est pourquoi nous mangeons les croissants et les autres pains.

Nicki-Vicki are getting so much more like Kit-Kat every day. I'm so glad there are no identical twins here, though I suppose I shouldn't hold my breath that we'll never get any.

Haley said...

I hate P.E. and Kailey and Hayley and Nicki and Vicki are good reasons why. I know I should get more exercise, the most I'll do is walk around the block. Anything more strenuous I'll get tired in a hurry.

Wendy said...

I'm not too good at fitness stuff myself. I like to run around and act silly, but as soon as I'm trying to formally exercise, I become even more of a klutz.