Une bonne action

Salut, tout le monde! Pour noël, j'ai donné à Christelle une poupée, et elle était un peu fâchée. Hier, j'ai trouvé le cadeau parfait...

Before the dance, I found Christelle standing alone in a corner. I felt that would be the perfect time to surprise her with the small gift that I recently purchased. She looked sad and alone, as she usually did, and I thought that maybe a present would help cheer her up.

"Quoi, Sabine? Qu'est-ce que tu fais?" Christelle said angrily. Christelle and I have never had the best relationship, and that oftentimes confused people, particularly the American students. They thought that Christelle and I would be friends because we are French, but they were definitely wrong. Just because we're French doesn't mean that we're going to be instant best friends. I tried explaining it to some of the Americans like this: you don't like all the other Americans. It's the same for me. Christelle and I don't have much in common, and that's why we aren't friends. Plus, she isn't that friendly. She's just so miserable here in the States that she can't see past that.
Instead of letting Christelle's attitude get to me, I said, "Je vais te donner un cadeau."

I presented it to her with a smile, and at first, she didn't know what to think of it, but when she saw it close-up, a small smile spread across her face.

It was a small box with la Tour Eiffel on it. I thought it would remind her of her hometown, and she could put jewelery and other small trinkets in it.

"Merci, Sabine," Christelle said, unsure of what to really say. She took it from my hand and softly added, "Je l'aime."

She certainly seemed to like this gift more than the doll, and I don't blame her. I wouldn't know what to do with a doll if somebody bought one for me, either. Plus, I'm not really a toy person, and she's not, either. That's understandable. However, as she walked away, I smiled to myself, thinking that I can still make a difference and make somebody's day brighter with just a little, random act of kindness.

My next blog post will be about the dance, so be on the lookout for it! :)


The Greens and The Roses said...

That was really nice of you, Sabine! That's a very thoughtful gift. I'm glad she seemed appreciative. I bet it made her very happy.


Saoirse said...

Dia duit, Sabine!

What a nice thing to do! I'm glad Christelle liked it. Maybe it even made her less homesick? That's what's so great about random acts of kindness--they make both the giver and the receiver happy.


Nemom said...

What a nice thing to do! My sisters and I have been away from the boards due to vacation and sickness, but have you decided what you are wearing to the dance?