Playing Santa

Salut, tout le monde! J’espère que vous avez eu un bon Noël! Moi, mon Noël était chouette! J’ai reçu mon pantalons gris. J’ai donné aussi des cadeaux à mes amies.
Well, I hope everybody had a great Christmas! I sure did! Although the shirt I'm wearing and my gray pants were technically birthday gifts, I tend to open my gifts on Christmas because it's only a few days after my birthday. Mère and Père said that Sandrine could have the shirt before Christmas Day. Although my sister and I don't really get along, she was nice enough to let me borrow her shirt because I let her borrow my dress.

As for the gray pants...hmm, I wonder what is hiding beneath this tissue paper? ;)

It must be my GRAY PANTS! My parents wanted me to open my pants on Christmas Day because they wanted me to wait and wear them with "something special"; however, that "something special" hasn't arrived in the mail yet. The wait is killing me!

Not only did I receive awesome presents (and I say "presents" because I'm sure whatever is to come in the mail is great), I also gave some special gifts, too. I decided to play Santa, as the Americans call him, and give presents to the two people I should try to treat a little bit better.

First, I gave Chrissa her present. Remember that charm I posted about?

Fortunately, she loved it! I knew she would. She was extremely happy when she saw what the charm was. "C'est la Tour Eiffel!" She gasped. She said that she will be sure to buy the chain part of the necklace with her Christmas money. She said it beats the pointe shoes her parents bought her. Apparently, they didn't buy her the correct brand.

Then, I handed Christelle her present. "Pour moi?" She asked. I don't think she expected me to buy her a gift because we don't really speak to each other.

I'd like to become better acquainted with Christelle, but the truth of the matter is, she isn't always a nice person. I go out of my way to speak to her, but she sometimes is rude about it...

She first pulled the card I made her from underneath the ribbon.

It says:
“Joyeux Noël!
Un petit cadeau de ton amie.

She carefully tore at the wrapping paper...

..and she pulled out a doll that is wearing a shirt with la Tour Eiffel on it!

Close-up of the doll:

She said, "Merci, Sabine", but from her tone of voice, I could tell that she wasn't too thrilled. Actually, that somewhat hurt my feelings. I understand that she doesn't really like dolls; I don't, either. However, when I saw it, I immediately thought of her. I know she misses Paris, and I thought the design on the doll's shirt would make her feel more at home. I had another present for her, too, but I can't find it at the moment. I hope I find it as I'm sure it might make up for any disappointment.

Regardless, my Christmas was wonderful, and I felt great giving those gifts.



all4dolls said...

I think it was really nice of you to give Christabelle a present and I'm sorry she didn't seem to like it. Maybe as she looks at it more she will start to feel happy and appreciate it because it will remind her of Paris.

Emily said...

Awesome presents! I wonder what your other gift is? I have a present coming late as well, and it's driving me insane not knowing what it is!


Miranda said...

I thought that giving Christelle a present was the nicest thing you've done so far! I mean, Chrissa seemed more enthusiastic, but still. :D

I hope you find her other present! :( I L-O-V-E the shirt you're wearing! It's Sandrine's, right?


Katia said...

Love the shirt you are wearing! And, the shirt on the doll you gave to Christelle. I've never been to Paris, but my mom has a bunch of pictures from when she went. It looks lovely!