Sunday, December 11, 2011

Deux: Lilly et Julien

Salut, tout le monde!
Now, I am returning to my originally scheduled posts and telling about what happened when the Americans met Julien.

I am not going to lie. Julien was extremely nervous. Like me, he is quite the introvert; however, he's far worse than I am. I go out of my way to talk to new people, even if I don't feel like it. He doesn't. I feel for him because I get emotionally drained whenever I have to talk to people I don't know well for extended periods of time. Still, the Americans aren't going to kill him, even if it may seem that way. ;) Julien hid behind me for awhile and asked various questions about the people I talk about.

Lilly approached me and gave me a massive hug. She was telling me that she "saved" her algebra grade; it's now a B. She was also talking to me about other things...which didn't change. She was talking about 90 miles per hour, but then she suddenly noticed Julien. Then, the world stopped.

"Is he your boyfriend?" She asked me. I froze. Um, no. He wasn't my boyfriend. He was just a close friend. I thought I had explained this to Lilly. Clearly, my explanations didn't help at all. She said that if he was my boyfriend, she didn't blame me because he was "so attractive". Ugh. I wanted to die. Best friends are supposed to understand everything, but clearly, Lilly is nothing like Aurélie. Or Julien for that matter.
She is extremely obsessed with finding a boyfriend, so I understand why she is constantly houding me about dating Julien. On the other hand, she asked me if I was going to give her a black eye for calling Julien "cute", which disturbed me. Apparently, at her old middle school, Lilly decided to say that a certain boy was cute, and his girlfriend overheard and gave Lilly a black eye for saying that. Wow. Some people are certainly crazy, if I do say so myself...
I'd never do that to Lilly. I wouldn't even give her a black eye for saying that Julien is my boyfriend, even though it is getting old and is far from the truth. I just want her to understand that boys and girls can be close without "dating".
Anyway, I'm 14. I seriously don't care about dating anybody at this point. I want to survive school and bullies and things of that sort first.

Lilly did do one great thing, though...
...she informed me that Julien was being "harassed", and you can only imagine who wants to be Julien's friend more than life...

More on that during the next post.



The Greens and The Roses said...

Wow, that sounds incredibly awkward! I feel bad for both of you. I know Lilly means well, but... ouch!

I'm glad you're such a forgiving person.

I totally hear you on the introvert thing. I'm really introverted too. I do my best to be friendly to new people, but I can't help being shy.


all4dolls said...

Why do people always think boys are "boyfriends" and not "friends"? That is frustrating! I want to hear more about what is going on with Julien.
~ Kiki

Inky said...

Whoa, that's pretty awkward.

I'm with Kiki- why do people think if you have male friends that they're boyfriends?

I'm waiting patiently to hear what happens next!


Miranda said...

I think that it's okay if boys and girls are JUST friends! I mean, some people even consider their boyfriend their best friend, which is how I see a boyfriend to be. Just your best friend; who also happens to be a guy.

But, then again, in middle school, girls at school just won't let other girls be regular friends with boys.

It's okay, though. Lilly doesn't mean to offend you purposely, she just wants to know if you're dating or not. It's just a teenage girl thing about wanting to know about when other girls are dating and stuff. It's just a phase.