Sunday, December 4, 2011

Ma chambre!

Salut, tout le monde! If you want to hear about the Americans' reactions to Julien, you're going to have to come back tomorrow or Tuesday, which is when I should be posting about such ridiculousness. Lilly seriously made me mad. I guess she has that kind of power...
Anyway, today's post is dedicated to my room. With all the room talk in the blogging word, I figured that I should share mine.
Here are some flashbacks of bedrooms past:
My first room...
Oh, how I miss this particular room! It was my favorite because of the roof. I even put blue (my favorite color) stars on the roof. And I loved that Miley poster...
My second room:
I shared it with my sister and Christelle. It was crowded, to say the least...

Now, here are photos of my current room:

This is the entryway. I keep some of my clothes in those drawers, as does Micki. Micki's delinquent dog, Sugar, lives on the bottom shelf. I'm not sure who owns Licorice or the Westies you see, but I don't like them in my room...
Here is an overhead view:
Where I keep my purse, Sandrine's purse, a shopping bag, and Zan's backpack.
You can see the dogs in this photo...ugh, I want to find out who owns them so she can get them out of my room...
I also hang my flag there because that is the only place it can be placed without it being disrespected. Yes, I did pay attention to those flag courtesy 101 lessons from school. It's touching some things, so I'm afraid it might be borderline disrespected...
My bedside table that is cluttered with junk...
Some things need to be put away, like my passport and map of Europe. I'm not sure who owns the paint set, but if I had to guess, it would be the same person who owns the dogs. The Eiffel Tower is Christelle's, but she wants it in my room because she doesn't have space for it in her room. I like it in my room, anyway.
My three favorite movies' posters hang above my bed- Bienvenue chez les ch'tis, The Last Song, and Jeux d'enfants. On the far left is my LOL (French version) movie poster. On the far right is my Hannah Montana: le Film poster. Next to my bed is my suitcase. On my bed is the bear I've had since I was a baby and a decorative pillow.
More posters...LOL (American version), Rien à Déclarer, and L'auberge espagnol. I know you can't see the one over my bedside table. It's for Tout ce qui brille.
My "office" space! This is where I do all of my homework. Micki does her homework in here, too. My laptop is currently broken, so it's missing from the scene. I hope to get a new one for Christmas.

I love staring at the stickers and photos on the walls. There is a soccer poster, which reminds me of Julien. There is also a photo of Felicity and Zan and one of Nellie and Samantha. The biggest shocker? A poster that says "I love my Westie". The owner of the dogs has clearly been in my room...
What's on the desk? Random things...
A croquet ball that shouldn't even be there
A pail that shouldn't even be there, either...
A candle for serenity
My cell phone that I should charge
My water bottle
Christelle's Eiffel Tower postcard/picture that shouldn't be there
A teacup
A Minnie Mouse figure
Some flowers
Liz's box of atomic fireballs that shouldn't be there as well
Some magazines and books

Yeah, it looks like I have some cleaning to do...

Now, here's Micki's side of the room:
She plans on decorating more. I'll post photos when she's finished. She doesn't surf or do any watersports; Kailey just asked her to store that stuff there. You can see the soccer ball in the mirror (it's behind the surf board). Micki does play soccer, and that is in fact hers.

Hope you liked the tour of my, our room if you want to say I share with Micki...



The Crazy Doll Lady!! said...

Cute room, glad that you have a really fun place to call your own, we are excited for you to enjoy it.

Hope you get your laptop for Christmas, we would like to get another one as one in our household is too few. LOL


Montana Girls said...

Fun room! My bedroom has tons of my siblings junk in it as well. Like right now there is two baby dolls that belong to my four-year-old sister on the floor and there is a stack of CDs belonging to my brothers on my desk. They claim they don't have room for them. :rolls eyes:


Makennah said...

I really like your office space. I hope you get a new laptop for Christmas - it would not be fun to not have one!

The Greens and The Roses said...

It's so neat to see how your rooms have changed! They all seem to suit you, though.

Your current room looks really nice - I especially like the "office" area.

Thanks for sharing the pics!


Inky said...

I like your room! Do you like the storage tower? I have been thinking of asking for one for New Year, but my parents keep telling me it's just an overpriced bookcase, since I already have 2 star armoires. :(

I like your posts. I haven't seen many French films, but my favorite is one that I can't remember the title for. Two little girls live a happy life, when their parents become Communists and they give up material possessions and move into a small flat full of fellow communists. It used to be on Netflix streaming.

Love your room though!