Saturday, December 24, 2011

Quatre: Julien et Micki

Salut, tout le monde! C'est la veille de Noël!
Before I begin with the scheduled post, I guess I should talk about Christmas Eve in France.
Although my family isn't very religious, we normally attend La Messe de Minuit- midnight mass. We normally go with my grandparents. Last time I went, which was years ago, my mom texted the whole time when it was her idea to go. I thought it was extremely disrespectful, but that's my mom for you. I even told her she was being rude, and she told me I was being rude for talking to her during the service. Um, double-standards much...?
Anyway, after the mass, we go back home and have le réveillon, which is a huge meal that celebrates the birth of Christ. What is eaten during this dinner varies; it is heavily based on region. The main dessert is normally une bûche de Noël, which is a rolled cake. It resembles a log.

More about Christmas in France/Lille tomorrow...

Anyway, Micki decided to go crazy for Julien, too...

Micki entered the room, and she was curious about what was going on.

Lilly told Micki about Lucía and Julien, and Micki was actually somewhat rude to poor Lucía. She didn't say "hi". Instead, she said, "Come on! Why are we standing here when there's a cute French boy to talk to?!?!?!"
I had to explain to Lucía that Micki was just like that. Micki's my roomate; I know how she is. I'm glad that Lucía didn't seem to offended.

Micki began to tell Julien about Belgium, and for a second, Micki actually seemed sane and down-to-Earth. Her conversation was real- it didn't involve any of her Sun Queen nonsense or how she wants to "start a war" against her cousins. She told him about how Bruxelles was the best city, and having been there, he agreed. She said that the States were pale in comparison to the beauty that she was used to in Europe.

And then, Chrissa had to burst in and ruin Micki's moment of sanity. She was furious with Micki for taking "her man". Promptly, Micki said, "Do you want to fight about it?"

They had an argument over who was the prettiest, and they even took to asking Julien's opinion on said issue! Julien, not wanting to encourage such behavior, ignored the question and croaked out a "um..." after they asked.

I should really start calling myself Saint Sabine the Benevolent because I saved Julien once more! But, of course, when I intervened, Chrissa and Micki went crazy. Micki proceeded to ask me if I wanted to fight about it (it=dating Julien), and I simply told her to leave him alone because she was being too intimidating. Micki then accused me of wanting him to myself, when that isn't the case at all! He isn't used to people being so outspoken and boisterous! Chrissa added that she thought I said he was single; therefore, she can talk to him. I told her there was a difference between talking to somebody and making them feel totally awkward...

It didn't stop there, unfortunately. I have much more to report.
Until then, happy holidays!



The Crazy Doll Lady!! said...

Poor Julien, I think I might hop a plane and leave, those two could make you hate being in the US as a new person. Good thing you stepped in to help the poor guy. Logan says he hates it when girls at school do that sort of thing to him and he is not a french guy. lol

Have a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday,

all4dolls said...

OH dear! So much to deal with for you. Merry Christmas, anyway to you, Saint Sabine. :)

~ Kiki

Miranda said...

Wow. I should've seen this coming... An almost fight over him...