Mes lunettes

Bonjour, tous ceux qui lisent ce blog! C'est Sandrine, et je dois vous dire un "secret". C'est pas vraiment de secret, mais j'ai des lunettes.
So, I seriously have no idea why I said that wearing glasses was such a big secret. It totally isn't. I don't even wear the wretched things all the time. I just wanted to post photos of me in my glasses because you'll rarely see it. I was actually BEING THOUGHTFUL (ahem, Sabine) and giving everyone a behind-the-scenes look that they may never get to see again!

Since this is Thursday, let's start with a "throwback". What? Every Instagram user knows that Thursday is "Throwback Thursday" in which you are supposed to post old photos of yourself. I might as well do this on the blog, so here I am when I used to wear green contacts. Yes, I gave into the colored contacts phenomenon. I regret it now because those contacts have to be the most disgusting, despicable color on the planet.

Normally, I don't wear glasses. I wear contacts. I've only been wearing glasses because I have a sinus infection, and my eyes are killing me. I have nothing against glasses. I mean, they aren't geeky or anything; they can totally be a fashion statement. I just don't like them because they make me break out, and I don't want to deal with glasses-induced zits.
Here I am with my glasses on. They match my shirt, which is fabulous. I did that on purpose.

Here I am with Sabine. She always wears her glasses, though she went through a stage in which she hated them. Now, I don't give her much credit at all, but she definitely makes glasses look good. That sounds weird, considering we are identical twins, so I should make glasses look good, too. However, they just aren't really my style. Plus, it doesn't matter if her glasses give her zits because she can hide them with her bangs.

So, that was my post. Enjoy it because I don't think I'll be rocking the glasses anytime soon.



Bolton Girls said...

I think that you look good in glasses, you look way different because we are not used to seeing them, but they are ok. Sorry they give you zits, that would irritate me too, glad mine do not do that because i have to wear them all the time.


sophiaandemma said...

My sister Emma has the same glasses as you:) She also prefers to wear her contact lenses.

Breck & Liz said...

I have those glasses! I don't wear them very much either....