¡Tengo que estudiar!

¡Buenas tardes, todo el mundo! Es Sabine y quiero hablar un poco de español hoy. ¡Necesito practicar!

So, I've been doing a lot of studying and homework for Spanish class recently. It's almost ridiculous. To break up the tedious task of studying, I decided to decorate my Spanish notebook. It took, like, half a minute to do, but I think it looks nice and totally me.

I also looked back at a paragraph I wrote when I first started learning Spanish. I've definitely expanded my vocabulary since then, but still, this paragraph is good for somebody who just learned the language at the time. It was rather easy for me to learn Spanish because it is a Romance language, so it shares many similarities with French.

I stopped looking back at previous work and focused on the conjugations of ser and estar and their usages for an upcoming quiz. I already knew the conjugations perfectly, but sometimes, I had trouble differentiating between the uses- both mean "to be"! I also had to make sure I knew the conjugations that went along with "vosotros". "Vosotros" is typically only used in Castilian Spanish (European Spanish/Spanish from Spain), so I never had to memorize the conjugations while in the States! Looks like I have to catch up on that.

Spanish is such a beautiful language...especially when spoken. It's sad when people don't see the beauty of it. Sometimes, I feel that people romanticize the French language and overlook any other foreign language; therefore, they only see French as being beautiful. (D'accord, I'm French, and French is my first language, so I don't really see the language how Americans/others see it.)

So, tout le monde (o todo el mundo), do you know Spanish? If not, do you know another foreign language? Which one?


PS: This post was partially inspired by The Spicys! Hablan un poco de español también.


Dani Nakamura-Olsen said...

Wow! That's so cool that you're learning ANOTHER language! Is this your third? I don't currently take a language at school, but I think I will next semester. Skye will sometimes teach me a few words in German, which she studied for many years. My mom would speak Japanese around the house, so I know quite a bit of that. However, I've been away and not practicing for so long that I've forgotten a lot of it.

Violet said...

Awesome! I know bits and pieces of Spanish, and I know French and English.

P.S We sent you a email! Be sure to respond, please.

Tilde said...

I can speak/write in Swedish. Though that's not so weird, since I am Swedish!
I take French in school but I'm not the best.