Joyeux Halloween!

Bonjour, tout le monde! C'est Sabine!
Although Halloween isn't commonly celebrated in France, dressing up is fun regardless! We don't do the whole trick-or-treating thing that Americans do, but some people do host occasional parties. Aurélie and I are having our own "party" of sorts on Saturday night since she has never celebrated before, and I want to introduce her to this fun, American celebration. We're going to watch some horror films and do other stuff that can be deemed as "scary". I thought it would be more fun to do that on Halloween night, but since it is going to be a sleepover, we had to choose a day that wasn't a school night. 
I'm dressing up as Hannah Montana this year. I was Miley Cyrus a couple of years ago, so I figured I should dress up as Hannah...even if it's just for a sleepover with my best friend. 
Here's a photo of me, my costume, and the inspiration behind it:

Aurélie doesn't know what she is dressing up as yet; hopefully, she'll know soon. I'll be sure to post about the party this weekend.

Do you celebrate Halloween? What are you dressing up as, if you decide to dress up?


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Bolton Girls said...

We dressed up for Halloween, we go every year to the old folks homes in the area because they wait for kids to come and trick or treat them, I waw piglet and Taryn was a mermaid.

Have a blast at the party .. Smiles Mara