Saturday, April 2, 2011

La Vie en Noir

Salut, tout le monde! 
Hopefully, you know what this is a photo of. It's blurry because somebody was scared the rain would destroy her camera.
Quelqu'un est allé à la ville de New York...
...and somebody didn't buy anything for me. Apparently, AGPNY doesn't open until 10, and she was only on 5th Avenue before ten. NICE GOING. All I wanted was the shirt from the Recital Outfit. Is that really too much to ask? It's not like I want all the brightly colored items that most of the Americans here die for. One little shirt. That was all I wanted.
I hate to say this, but Chrissa could have taken the pants from that outfit. They'd work for her jazz class. Seriously, if you don't wear them for a dance recital (which is what they look like they're for...hence the term "recital" in the outfit's title), they are basically a fashion fail.

I spent this morning reading some magazines that Mère sent me. I really miss getting to read and buy French magazines all the time. They are so much more informative than American magazines, plus they feature the cutest clothes!
Julie is very similar to American Girl magazine. Let's put it this way: I don't really like Julie as much as I like other French magazines. I mean, the girls that read this actually have crushes on Justin Bieber and Rob Pattinson. Um, EW! How about the cute guys like Jérémy Kapone or Éric Greff (better known by his stage name Helmut Fritz)? Bien sûr, I have crushes on guys who aren't celebrities, but even they are way cuter than Justin or Rob.
Just saying. These girls clearly don't know what "cute" means. Maybe it's because I'm kind-of past Julie's target audience and I don't buy into American media too easily? The oldest girl in there was 12, I think. There are some American things I like, but I do think more highly of French movies and stuff.

This magazine, Jeune et Jolie, is more my thing. Plus, the outfits featured are awesome. I'd love to own most of the things featured. The articles are more of an interest to me.

 Apparently, Chrissa loves J et J, too! Kidding- I doubt she knew what it was before she saw me reading it. She came up behind me and shouted at the top of her lungs, nonetheless, "SABS! AWESOME FRENCH MAGAZINE!"

She startled me for numerous reasons...
Reason #1: ses vêtements. Everybody should know who and what she is trying to dress like. I'm going to take the time and explain a few things:

1. Son béret- bérets do not make you look French. They are stereotypical! Don't ask me why Christelle wears them. I think she is trying to fit the stereotype or something.
2. Son écharpe- yeah, French people do wear scarves, but then again, the stereotypical thing can also come into play here. Take caution while wearing one- it can go both ways. The French can think you look cute, or they can think that you're a walking stereotype. You've been warned.
3. Son tee-shirt- I will ridicule this to no end. D'accord, what is with the giant logo, the stars, and the sequins? How does wearing this make you look French, especially since the words AMERICAN GIRL PLACE: NEW YORK are plastered on the front? Oh, Chrissa...
4. Son pantalons- she wears those to dance class. Enough said.

The thing that annoys me about this is that she tries so hard to dress "French". Black does not equal French. For some reason, I feel like because I wear black and am French, she needs to do the same. I don't get it. Yeah, black and other neutrals are common in France, but people wear clothes in other colors, too. I don't wear black because I'm French; I wear black because I'm a redhead and don't look great in a lot of colors.
Which, by the way, leads me to my second point. There is no particular way to dress "French". The French that I know (and I know quite a few...:P) dress in clothes that fit their bodies, styles, and personalities. They wear what looks good on them in colors that suite them. I repeat, neutrals are the most common, but people do wear other colors! Obviously, some things do scream 99.99% of Lilly's wardrobe...but wearing black doesn't instantly make you French. Sorry, Chrissa.
Black really doesn't suit her...or her personality.

Oh, more Chrissa talk. This involves her boyfriend. Lilly and I discovered Chrissa talking to him on the phone, so we eavesdropped and laughed. It is such a cliche teen relationship that it's not funny! I highly doubt that they "love" each other. Lilly determined that this guy MUST be very tolerant, though, because let's face it: he could do so much better. How does he tolerate her?
Anyway, we are predicting that this relationship will end very soon. First of all, he is from her hometown in Iowa and they have been dating since sixth grade. Chrissa came to PPBS in the spring of that school year. There is no way that such a long-distance relationship will last, especially one like this. I bet he has already "cheated" on her or something...
Chrissa: you can't live with her; you can't live without her. Without that girl, my life in America wouldn't be too exciting...

Oh, I was tagged by The Green Girls, so I will list "7 Things" (Miley Cyrus pun!) about myself that you may or may not know:
1. I consider myself to be a secretive person. There is more to me than what I reveal.
2. I love traveling, especially around Europe.
3. I don't really try to dress "fashionable"; I actually effortlessly put together my outfits. But I do love clothes...
4. I do not like to wear my hair up. I prefer wearing it down or wearing it a half-ponytail.
5. Aurélie really needs to come to America. She needs to stop being so indecisive about it and just do it. I need one of my best friends here with me...long story...
6. I would never be caught dead in sneakers, hoodies, or sweatpants.
7. When I go to college, I plan on majoring in sociology, thanks to the Americans. ;)

If anybody else wants to do this, they can. I tag anybody who wants to do this.



Harper Lee Simmons said...

Oh no!! That's really too bad AGPNY was closed. Those seem like weird hours. You would think most stores open by at least 9.

I hate to say it, but I agree with you about the recital pants. To me, they look like something that would've been in around 2000. I like the flowers on the top, though.

I hope Chrissa stops copying you. I'm sure she's a very nice person underneath; she just seems a little obsessive ;)

Everyone thinks America is obsessed with sweat pants and I guess they are common in a lot of places, but not in our school. People get dressed up for class. Which is kind-of nice :)

Miranda said...

I'm with you on #6! I don't udertand people who wear them 24/7, it's not pretty, and nor is it fashionable! Well, I DO wear yoga pants, but... you know, that's different! ALL the stores I've been to ONLY have skinny jeans, which I think are really stupid. Oh, and I find it interesting that you want to take sociology in college, because my mom took that! :)


Emily said...

I think Justin Bieber and Rob whatever are so ugly! I want to vomit every time I see their pictures. Do preteen girls go around in beer goggles or something?

I must admit I do love my hoodies and sometimes wear sweatpants, but only if they fit nice. I would never wear baggy ones.


Caelen said...

Great pictures!! :)