Saturday, April 9, 2011

Mademoiselle Melanie L'étrange

Before I get into the important stuff, days two and three of the 30 Day Song challenge.

Day 2- Least favorite song
Too many contenders. Anything by Ke$ha, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, or whoever else the Americans adore top my list. "Born This Way" by Lady Gaga tops this at the moment.

Day 3- A song that makes me feel happy 
"Fifty-Sixty" by Alizée is my feel good song. The music is so catchy, as are the lyrics. The music video is very animated (not "animated" as in "lively"- "animated" as in fun, pop art-inspired cartoons). I always want to sing along to this song whenever I hear it. I particularly love the lyrics, "Rêve de gloire et de fortune/Chic en Chanel/L'amour sera toujours glamoureux". I somehow feel like those lines describe my life, too. I dream of fame, fortune, and glory in that area. I have a small Chanel bag and some perfume, but I adore the clothes (especially the coats) and I can't wait until the day I can afford them. Oh, and love will always be glamorous.

Now, onto the subject of Miss Melanie Christine Holland...

Melanie (whom I occasionally call Mélanie because it always sounds better in French) est un peu étrange. It's not that she's strange in a bad way, but she is just different. She is somewhat avoidant...wait. Bad word choice. She's extremely introverted. She doesn't want to talk to Lilly or me. In fact, she doesn't even talk to Taylor and Amanda that much anymore. At lunch, she hurriedly eats her bacon, egg, and Mozzarella cheese sandwich and leaves us. We have no idea where she goes. We ask, but she never answers.
At first, I thought she was just a genius when it came to Spanish, algebra, and English, but according to Ava, she's like this in almost every other class.
The worst part about Spanish class is constantly being degraded by the teacher. Senora believes that Melanie is the only one who will have a successful future. She doesn't seem to like any other student, even Malorie who is just as precocious AND Spanish Club president to boot! This happens in algebra and English, too. My English teacher is OBSESSED with Melanie. She is always like, "why can't you guys be quiet like Melanie?" or "why can't you write like Melanie?"
Melanie doesn't talk to anyone, even those like me who try to talk to her. For the most part, nobody talks to her. Nobody wants to talk to her. They ignore her existence. A few people (Kailey, Kaya, Kirsten, and Hayley) call her terrible names and say the worst things about her. I can't help but feel bad...



Emily said...


Poor Melanie. It's hard when your that shy. My sister Kit used to be really shy and she would get bullied all the time. I usually spent my recess' protecting her.


The Green Girls said...

Yeah, we feel for Melanie, too. It's hard to be so shy.

It's also hard to be singled out as the teacher's favourite, especially when it's not something you wanted or asked for. It would be better if teachers didn't do that. I'm not sure if they realize how much it isolates the person from their peers.

We hope Melanie can find her voice.

The Green Girls